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Sailing Boat Door Stop

Sailing Boat Door Stop

This nautical Sailing Boat door stop will give any home that seaside feel! In traditional coastal colours the door stop will prop open any door in your home. Sailing Boat measures: 9.5cm...
Our weighted door stops will give you the confidence that your door will remain open or shut. Weighted door stops in the past have been unattractive door wedges but now we have the option to introduce more of a stylish door stop to our home! Door stops are great for children and can help keep them safe. A door stop in a children's bedroom eliminates the risk of a swinging door and can be a alot safer when the door is pinned back with a door stop.

Our range of children's door stops feature plenty of fun animal door stops that will fit the look of a young ones bedroom! We also stock nautical door stops that are perfect for those coastal homes and minimal door stops that will look great in any home.